Paper Chases, Hunter Paces, and the Judged Trail Ride

Paper Chases, Hunter Paces, and the Judged Trail Ride traverse scenic marked Horse Park trails of between 5 and 10 miles. These bucolic trails cross varied terrain with hills, open fields, and woods. Options are offered for all riders who feel comfortable with their mounts outside the ring. Volunteers are always needed and it is a great way to learn more about horses and the Park. All ages, no experience necessary and great perks!

Paces and Chases 2023 Calendar of Events

Date Event Prize List Entry Form Results
05/27 Memorial Day Hunter Pace Flyer On-Site Entry  
06/15 Paper Chase Flyer On-Site Entry  
06/15 Trail Challenge Flyer On-Site Entry  
09/21 Judged Trail Ride Flyer On-Site Entry  

Pink Ribbon Ride


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11/23 Friendsgiving Hunter Pace Flyer On-Site Entry  

Etiquette and Safety Rules

  • Always stay on marked trails. Trails do traverse private property and riders should be respectful of the lawns, crops, and pastures.
  • Pass riders at a walk, never trot or canter past another horse. If your team wants to pass a team ahead of you, please announce that you would like to pass.
  • If you are being passed please bring your mount to a halt and have your mount face the approaching horses as they pass you as any horse could react negatively to being passed.
  • Most Chases and Paces are pre-timed and the times are set by riding to the footing and terrain conditions. If the conditions dictate adjusting the pace for equine safety, the time will have been set at a walk.

Hunter Paces

Teams of two or three riders follow a marked trail at a pace that is consistent with fox hunting. Paces in the spring are a slower as horses are typically not as fit; the pace is set faster in the fall. Jumps along the way are optional and there are ways around all obstacles. Each team's time is compared to an ideal preset Park time and the team with closest time to the ideal time wins. Division offered are: Bucks County Horse Park members, Over 40, Jr/4H/USPC, Family, and Open. Please note that only one member of each team needs to meet the Division criteria (e.g. a team of one BCHP member and two non-members may ride in the BCHP Division).

Paper Chase

Riders will follow a well-marked trail of 4 or 5 miles and be judged as they negotiate various obstacles or accomplish specific tasks along the way. In addition, points can be accumulated by answering a number of questions related to a theme. This is a fun low key event for all ages.

Judged Trail Ride

This is a fun “low key” event. Riders follow a course of approximately 6 or 7 miles long; along the way there are numerous challenges to complete and obstacles to navigate.