The Bucks County Horse Park welcomes instructors and their students. The Park encourages an appropriate, safe teaching and training environment. We ask your support in keeping the grounds and equipment in good condition for all. Please do not use the cross country jumps when the footing is questionable. Also please do not dismantle jumps in a ring or leave rings untidy. There are times when certain parts of the Park will not be available for use. Ring and course closures are posted on the website, Facebook page, and outgoing Voicemail. If you are uncertain, please verify ring and course availability with the office prior to use.

The Park requires that all trainers/instructors using the Park have a copy of their instructional insurance on file with the Park. We are pleased to welcome the trainers listed below to the Bucks County Horse Park.

Please be aware that any instruction to a rider, constitutes teaching/instruction and requires insurance coverage. This is for your protection as well as the Park’s. Although seemingly helpful as it can be to tell someone how to get a stubborn horse over a fence or correct a rider’s position, if this person injures themself as a results of your helpful advice, you can become involved in litigation. Therefore, the Park will frequently be requesting proof of insurance whenever instruction is observed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Current Bucks County Horse Park Trainer List

The following are authorized to instruct at the Bucks County Horse Park and have maintained proof of insurance. If you have not provided proof of insurance, you CANNOT instruct at this facility. Please call the office for more information at 610-847-8597. Thank you.

    • Stephanie Barberra
    • Kendra Clarke
    • Nancy Clarke
    • Jane Cory
    • Ruth DiDonato
    • Greg Eliel
    • Maureen Ferris
    • Jackie Fitzpatrick
    • Sara Gumbiner
    • Cass Gwalthney
    • Marika Jones
    • Kim Kobryn
    • Marie Koder
    • Judy McCormack
    • Lauren Mower
    • Nikki Nobles
    • Melanie O'Neill
    • Tracy Pehler-Wagner
    • Dom and Jimmie Schramm
    • Diana Snyder
    • Roger Sorhagen
    • Olivia Steidle
    • Stephanie Swites
    • Tamara Uzman
    • Tanya Weaver
    • Katie Wigness
    • Linda Wooleyham
    • Brittany Yard
    • David Ziegler

Last Updated July 1, 2022

Additional Information

Management would like to request that if you are using a ring that has been setup for a show that you please replace fences and fillers as you found them. Thank you for your support.

If you are a visiting instructor to the Park, we ask that all of your students fill out a Day Pass , sign the release of liability and include payment BEFORE they ride. If you are unmounted while instructing we do not require a Day Pass but ask you to sign a release of liability (PDF) and leave a copy of your insurance in the lock box at the front Gate House BEFORE your lessons start.

If you have any questions or need to speak with the staff, please contact the office at 610-847-8597. Thank you.