Dressage at Bucks County Horse Park 


The Bucks County Horse Park offers a variety of competitions for the dressage enthusiast, both USEF/USDF recognized and schooling shows. The Dressage at the Bucks County Horse Park Series hosts four USEF/USDF recognized dressage shows. BCHP offers numerous opportunities for schooling dressage shows; Tuesday Evening Dressage runs every other Tuesday May through August; we also offer Schooling Dressage shows in conjunction with our Schooling Combined Test every April and October. Competitors also have the option to ride “dressage only” at all our Schooling Horse Trials; please see the Eventing page for more information.

Dressage 2018 Calendar of Events


Please contact the Park office for any questions pertaining to the Recognized Dressage Shows. 610-847-8597 or jennifer@buckscountyhorsepark.org. Thank you!

Date Event Judges Prize List Entry Form Ride Times
04/22 Schooling CT and Dressage Ann Forer, R
Breann DePietro, L
Prizelist Entry Form
Online Entry Form
05/05 USEF/USDF Dressage at BCHP I Lisa Schmidt, S
Ann Forer, R
Prizelist Entry Form Ride Times for 5/05
Ride Times
05/08 Tuesday Evening Dressage (TEDS) 1 Cheryl Ash, L Prizelist Entry Form
05/22 TEDS 2 Ann Forer, R
Trish Brosious, L
Prizelist Entry Form
06/03 USEF/USDF Dressage at BCHP II Tom Poulin, S
Ann Forer, R
Prizelist Entry Form Results
06/05 TEDS 3 Kari Allen, L
Lauren Annett, r
Jane Cory, r(EV)
Prizelist Entry Form
06/19 TEDS 4 Breann DePietro, L
Jill Kuc, L
Marsha Montogmery, L
Prizelist Entry Form
07/01 USEF/USDF Dressage at BCHP III Barbara Ebner, S
Debbie Rodriguez, S
Ulf Wadeborn, S
Prizelist Opens 05/20 Ride Times for 5/05
Ride Times
07/03 TEDS 5 Special show, above 2nd level allowed! Ulf Wadeborn, S
Lauren Annett, r
Prizelist Entry Form
07/17 TEDS 6 Jill Kuc, L
Jessica Levin, L
Prizelist Entry Form
07/31 TEDS 7 Breann Depietro, L
Peggy Hipple, L
Prizelist Entry Form
08/05 USEF/USDF Dressage at BCHP IV Kem Barbosa, S
Alison Head, S
Susan Graham White, R
Prizelist Opens 06/24 Ride Times for 5/05
Ride Times
08/14 TEDS 8 Trish Brosious, L
Stephanie Burgess, L
Cindy Glaser, L
Prizelist Entry Form
08/28 TEDS 9 Cheryl Ash, L
Nancy Krial
Prizelist Entry Form
10/20 USEF/USDF Dressage at BCHP V and team competition Cincy Canace, S
Lauren Annett, r
Heather Mason, S
Team Rules
Entry Form Ride Times

*Once again we will be hosting a Team Competition show held in conjunction with our Dressage at Bucks County Horse Park V recognized USDF/USEF show. Those riders qualifying in Introductory Tests, Training, and First Level will participate in the Opportunity Classes and will not require memberships for USDF or USEF. Those riders at Second Level and above will require USDF/USEF membership to compete.

Tuesday Evening Dressage (TEDS)

Shows are held bi-weekly every summer beginning in May. Dressage tests offered include USDF Introductory through Second Level, as well as, USEA eventing tests, and Western Dressage tests. Information, guidelines, and tests for Western Dressage are available. Year-end awards are offered at BCHP for the TED series. TED shows are recognized by ESDCTA for their year-end awards. These afternoon/evening mid-week shows offer a format unique for dressage shows: on-site registration. This is a very popular show series; pre-registration is not required, however, calling ahead to reserve your time is recommended. Tests are run in multiple rings from 2:30 to 8:00 PM and registration begins at 1:30pm

Year End Award Application Form Last updated: 01/30/2018

Dressage Schooling

Several schooling shows are offered in addition to the Tuesday Evening Dressage series. Tests include Introductory through Fourth level. Select shows also offer a Fix a Test where the competitor rides the test once, then the judge critiques the test before the competitor rides the test for a second time. Fix a Tests are a great training tool!