The Park is proud to offer educational experiences throughout the year as part of its mission. Over the past few years the Park has hosted Kathy Culler, Phillip Dutton, Jim Wofford, and Daniel Stewart. Please check back for more information on clinics throughout the year.

Dressage Fix–A–Test Clinic with Cheryl Ash

June 6 and July 18, 2022

Cheryl Ash is the owner and head trainer at Hillside Equestrian Center. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and an education at Meredith Manor, Cheryl's passion with horses has created an environment where students can learn and enjoy their equine friends at the same time. With a high standard of excellence, she promotes good horsemanship in all aspects of equine care and riding. Her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and graduation with distinction from the USDF “L” judging program are proof of her experience and knowledge.

Riders are invited to complete a test, work with Cheryl on specific movments or improving overall quality, and then ride the test again to see what scores may improve.